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About us

About Us


Property Money Tree is a lean and efficient family run property business . At its core are:

Patricia Ogunfeibo

Patricia is a non-practicing solicitor who first became a landlord in 1986.

Patricia is passionate about property, 'sharing' in podcasts and on Clubhouse, 'training' in the Workshops, and 'hand-holding' to success through mentoring.

You can read more about her by clicking on the 2 following links.

Needing other help,  Patricia combines her skills with those of other family members.

Her husband’s solicitors’ firm, Anthony Ogunfeibo & Co. Solicitors advises on contracts and compliance.   

Patricia’s son’s start up digital media company, Twist Media Limited, looks after Property Money Tree’s digital presence. 




Do you prefer to go at your own pace whilst being 100% in control?

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Do you need specific bespoke help for your project or business?

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Small Online Workshops

“I am sold, charge £6000 fee!” - unsolicited comment, received mid workshop

Do you want to create generational wealth and/or attain financial freedom?

In these, our Lead, Patricia Ogunfeibo, shares her 35+ years’ experience of how she did it – and in fast, simple and lawful ways.

These workshops are only run twice a year, and cost a modest £395…

Patricia signposts the way to easy, simple and lawful property investments that can bring amazing Returns on Investments!

Many of her techniques are simple and straightforward.

Often when it comes to making good money from property – in the fastest way achievable, keeping it simple gets you the best results, and Patricia shares these.

If YOU make the decision to attend, Patricia will show you simple and proven methods for acquiring and securing properties that can help you too create generational wealth and earn you financial freedom.


Want a Deal?

Want a Deal?

Do You lack the time, experience, knowledge, confidence, and/or resources to ‘Recognise’ UK properties that can make financial dreams come true?

If so, we CAN help.

Please note though that ONLY subscribers can access and buy our Deals.

We can either go and look for the property that you want (Bespoke “Find Me One”),

or you can simply view and ‘buy’ from our current ‘live’ offers.

If you see a Deal that you like, you pay half of the Deal fee immediately, and the balance on the exchange of contracts. 

Our Deals’ prices start at £2000, but the fee for each is clearly stated. 


We also offer you this Guarantee:

An Earn* Your 1st Subscription Fee back GUARANTEE


We are registered with:

  • HMRC for Anti Money Laundering,
  • the iCO for data protection, and
  • the Property Redress Scheme for your protection

we are fully compliant with the requisite laws.

Case Studies

case studies

Current Projects

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Current Project

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£250K - £375K? London SE13

Want to know how this was achieved in c. 6 months?


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£100k Paper Profit For Family!

We also provide a full service if required

£100k Paper Profit For Family!

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£1500 - £4620 pcm Rent Uplift!

We work on Maximising Rents too

£1500 - £4620 pcm Rent Uplift!

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£350k - £575k in 6 months!

- from a 33 sqm flat!

£350k - £575K in 6 months!

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